Saturday, September 03, 2011


Fall has arrived.  It is a beautiful Summer day today, but Friday I had my first cup of hot morning tea.  The nights are cool and the mornings crisp.  Adriel doesn't like Fall.  In his mind it is guilty by association because it comes before Winter, and he really doesn't like Winter.  

Fall is my favorite season though.  Plaid jumpers, warm sweaters, curling up with a good book, warm tea, shiny new school supplies and pouring over lesson plans.  I love it all!  This week will be a major change for us.  I have had all of my kids with me all Summer.  Tuesday David starts school and I start a new bible study class. Wednesday Abigail starts school and Friday is our frist TCA co-op meeting.  I will also be relaunching my Etsy store in a couple of weeks, so I am sewing things for the necessary photo shoots.

I only have a little more lesson planning and cleaning.... so bring on Fall. The Hendersons are ready!


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