Monday, September 26, 2011

New Fall and Winter Designs

This past week I launched my new Fall/ Winter line at my Etsy store.  The fabrics are all so fun and most of them have hair accessories too!

Miriam was a great little model for the skirts and Abigail's doll, Kaylie, did her part as well.  Turquoise with button trees and Buttons and Flowers are both made with corduroy prints.  They are both very fun and bright.

Turquoise and Button Trees

Buttons and Flowers

Vintage Peppermints
I love these muted colors and the old fashioned design.  It's actually quite elegant.

Falling Leaves

This set is so rich with browns, oranges and yellows.  Watching the leaves turn color is one of the best things about living up here, so I really like this one.  Miriam liked this one the best and we had a little trouble getting her to take it off.

The rest are made from snuggly flannel.  Some are very Christmas-y, but others are just cute and good for any time.  Adding a sweater and tights makes these perfect for cooler weather.  That's a good thing around here because Miriam always wants to be "beautiful" in skirts and dresses. When I pull out jeans she says,"but those just aren't cute enough mom".  I blame it on those Fancy Nancy books.

Red Buttons

Winter Pinguins

Candy Cane

Pink 'n' Polka Dot

Glitter Butterflies

Come on over and check us out!  My Sailor Girls

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Jenny Plumb said...

I see Adriel outdid himself on the photos. Very very nice!