Sunday, October 02, 2011

So yesterday Miriam asked to listen to music.  Mim is five so you might expect Raffie or Barney or Psalty to be requested.  You would be wrong.  She asked to listen to "The one with the crown".  I didn't know what she was talking about, maybe some princess thing?  She expertly launched iTunes and worked her way through to show me the  cover art (yep it was a crown) of the Casting Crowns album.

My five year old requested Casting Crowns. Hmmm.

Then Abigail, age ten, says no, she wants to listen to Steven Curtis Chapman or some WOW.  She is totally in her SCC stage which I believe is a documented pre-teen stage of development for girls.

Later that afternoon the girls were having their screen time and asked to watch Myth Busters and World's Toughest Fixes, their favorite shows.  My kids' favorite shows aren't cartoons or sitcoms (I'm not sure they have ever seen a sitcom).  Their favorite show is about fixing giant machines.  NOVA ranks pretty high as well.

What does it say about us that our five year old likes real music and our kids cheer when we are going to watch science programs?  It probably means we are geeks but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Of course one of the reasons my kids don't ask for Raffie and the like is because I can't stand kiddie music.  The high pitched squeaking that pases for "music" is just too much for me.  Also, Miriam listened to Jack Johnson and pretty much nothing else for the first two years of life.  She hated being in the car and the only time she didn't scream was when that CD was playing.  We dearly love Jack.

It's not just the girls either.  David is a teen now.  He should be rebelling and listening to hard rock or something, right?  Nope.  He is a Toby Mac, Newsboys, Building 429 kind of guy.  I love those guys.  And just to add to the strangeness, my Dad does too.  How my grandsons and grandfathers could go to the same awesome concert and have an equally good time?  Not many.  I think it's great!

~ Christina

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