Monday, October 10, 2011

Door hangers and such....

Note: Photography related posts are now found at the Adriel Henderson Photography blog.

A few weeks back I designed a door hanger to promote the photography business. We've been waiting anxiously for the batch to arrive from the printer. They arrived late last week, and they turned out great! Copy Craft Printers out of Texas did a great job with these.

The girls have been quite excited about the prospect of walking the neighborhoods to hang these on doors. They were all revved up to go on Saturday but that excitement didn't last long, especially as little legs grew tired. They made it about two hours before they refused to walk up any more driveways. Still, we were able to hang over two hundred in a few hours and I'm proud of my little helpers.

I also had a series of business cards made, the front is the same on all of them, but there are four different backs - each featuring one of my favorite portraits.

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