Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One for the Birds

I often leave the back door open in good weather.  We end up with flies and the occasional bee in the house, but it keeps me from being the door-man to the dogs all day long.  Today was a first though; a bird flew in and couldn't get out.  He was stuck behind my sewing tables which are piled high with projects and not easy to move.  I was trying to shoo him out when Morpheous went right under the table and helpfully grabbed him for me.  Gee thanks Morph.  I can't really blame him.  A couple centuries of careful breeding means that literally every fiber of his being lives for the day he can do just that.  
A quick yank of the collar and the newly freed bird had plenty of motivation to find the door.  He was over the next roof in a blink.
A couple of hours later a commotion in the living room introduces me to, yes, our second bird friend of the day.  This one Morph went out and found for us.  Gee thanks Moreph...... again.
I thought the little thing was near death because it wasn't moving, but when I went to the kitchen for a bucket it scurried under the TV cabinate.  Now I had a presumably injured bird behind several hundred pounds of tv and I didn't know if I should be trying to free it, or put it out of it's misery.
Thank goodness for my tall skinny son with bird knowledge.  He got himself halfway behind the cabinate, chased the bird out, and then "toweled" it and took it outside.  That boy has a heart of gold.  He tucked the bird under a bush and stroked it's back for a long time.  Eventually the bird felt well enough to run under the fence to the garden area and that's when I was able to snap this picture.

She here is our little fat grey bird (top left) in the garden with plenty of bushes for protection and worms to eat.  We are hoping that he was just stunned and is doing well.  If not, I guess the local owl will be well fed tonight - eek!

David and I are trying to decide if Morepheous had a wonderful day of bird hunting, or a terrible day of victory denied.  Oh the life of a hound stuck in the suburbs! 

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