Thursday, May 31, 2012


This is what I did Wednesday.  I should have thought to take before pictures.  Trust me; it was not pretty.  How is it that a place where you only put clean dishes ("clean" being somewhat relative based on who is doing the dishes....) can get so gross?

 That is a very deep cupboard and scrubbing that back corner felt a bit like some kind of crazy gumby yoga.  But it's clean!

Many of the pots and pans got an updated "Mom cleaning" too.

I cleaned and rearranged the small appliance cupboard too so that I could fit in my new (to me) juicer.  Whole carrots really make smoothies a bit too chewy for my taste and I wanted to be able to make carrot juice.  It works great and the carrot/mango/orange smoothie I made Tuesday was declared yummy by everyone.

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