Monday, September 17, 2012

Keeping it Real

We have lived here for 5 years now.  When we first saw the house I realized that it needed cleaning but Mama raised me right and I can scrub a tub, so I thought nothing of it really.......

I really dislike the kind of enclosed fiber glass shower we have and I, unfortunately, did not understand how difficult it can be to combat hard water and soap scum in combination.  I have tried so many products on this shower.  No amount of scrubbing (and there was a lot!) or scraping could really get this shower clean.

I'm just keep'n  it real people, this is the before picture.

Then I found a recommendation online for my new BFF

Bar Keepers Friend I got at Lowe's for about $3.  It comes in a powder, a thick liquid for cleaning stove tops and this thinner liquid.  Next time I think I will get the thicker liquid because I think it will stay up on the walls better........ but check out the after!

 I let it set on the walls and floor of the shower for over an hour and I won't down play how much scrubbing was involved - it was a lot of hard work, but this time it made a difference!  All that hard work was worth it to have a clean tub.  The best part is knowing that it will never get that much build up again because I finally found something to break up the lime and soap scum.  There was no hard chemical smell either.  This stuff is a permeant part of my cleaning caddy now :)

~ Christina 

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