Saturday, September 08, 2012

Kids and Responsibility....

A fresh, shiny new school year has begun!  You think that it's a great idea to have your teen/tween kids be responsible for getting themselves up on school days.  After-all, that's what good parents do - teach responsibility.......  Until 6 am on Saturday when you realize that your son, who is gone for the weekend, still has that alarm set.  

If you think hitting snooze and pulling the thing out of the wall solved your problems..... you would be wrong.  It's not long before you realize that your over-achieving first born put back-up batteries in the thing!  

Just about the time you think you might be able to get back to sleep it's time for the tween's buzzer of responsibility.  That, my friends, is how I find myself blogging prior to 7 am on this beautiful day......  This whole "responsibility" thing might be over rated.

~ Christina

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