Thursday, September 05, 2013

First Day of School

The kids' official first day of school was Wednesday but I am just getting a couple of pictures up now. 

David protested that I had taken his picture the day before, but this was his actual first day of class.  He had to badger the office to get his schedule changed so that he could take the required PE class.  They suggest he put it off until his Sr. year - um, no.  
It looks like this will be a challenging year but he likes most of his teachers.  By the end of the year he will be ready for the AP Chem exam and the AP US history exam. - Go David!

This is me piggy-backing on Adriel's beautiful pictures.  Despite not having any classes with her best friend, Abigail likes most of them and is excited that she will finally have a challenging math course.  She is taking a slightly accelerated class that will have her doing Algebra in 8th grade so she can move straight into geometry as a freshman.

Miriam had a great day, likes her new teacher and is super happy to have her best-buddy Autumn at her table group.  Her teacher, Ms. Hopkins, has traveled extensively and Miriam loves all of the stuff from Paris around the room. 
 This year part of Miriam's homework is to receive and respond to notes from family members and friends.  These notes and emails will be placed into a notebook all year-long.  This helps to improve her letter writing skills and acts as a keep-sake for her.  All of you grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins out there - get writing and help Mim with her homework.  Short notes are just fine and asking questions is a great way to give her something to respond about.

Thank you!


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They don't actually have an AP Chem class... I'm in honors...