Sunday, September 22, 2013

Making "Oops!", "Awesome"

A few weeks ago I sketched a dress silhouette on a post-it note and showed it to Miriam as we were walking out the door to school.  She immediately decided that the bias strips on the dress should be in an ombre/ gradient in various shades of pink.  It was a simple sheath dress so I used a trusty bodice pattern I had made for her already and lengthened it.

I got a roll of medical exam paper in the mail this week and I am using it as pattern tracing paper.  Works great!

Finding a nice gradient of solid pinks in the same weight fabric proved difficult so I decided this would require busting out gloves and dye.  Here are all the pieces lined up before the dye-bath. 

This is where we go "oops!" - Pink is a Miriam color.  Purple not so much....  and this came out pretty darn purple, more purple than this pictures shows.  This gives you an idea of how the dress would have looked.

Thankfully shretch knit is forgiving, and stretches.  A bit of cutting and what would have been a dress for little sister becomes a stylish and comfy skirt for big sister (who happens to like purple just fine).

This shot has the color most accurate, the other are a bit light and pink.  The long sleeves of the dress became a hem band to make this is long enough for Abigail.  Awesome!  

~ Christina 

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