Monday, September 05, 2005

Christina's Turn

I thought I would pop in here with a note. I can't let Adriel have all the fun, now can I? The pregnancy is going well and we are very excited about having this new little person in our family. With such an age spread between the kids I know David and Abbie will be great helpers and they are both excited about the baby. They do differ in their opinions on the gender though. David is sure the baby is (and should be) a boy while Abigail would prefer a sister.

School is going well and we are having fun with it. David's favorite subjects at our house are Bible and history. Friday the kids drew pictures of David and Goliath with sidewalk chalk while I read the story for our Bible time. David is generally shy about praying out-loud but when we prayed on Saturday after Bible reading we divided up the requests and he gladly lifted our growing baby in prayer to the Lord. It is a sweet thing for this mommy to hear her children pray. They get to the point without all of the flourishes, "God, take good care of our baby." and leave no one wondering about their feelings.

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