Monday, September 05, 2005

School and Space

For history this week we got to read some of the Legends of King Arthur. This was great fun! What little boy isn't fascinated with knights and castles exc.? We are signing David up for a once a month science class at the A.C. Gilbert Children's museum in Salem. Abigail and I will get to play with all the fun stuff while David does great boy things like dissecting eye balls. I am so glad for supplemental homeschooling classes! Eyeballs - YUCK!

For family night this week we watched an IMAX film about the space station. I am sure the effect would have been cool on the "really big" screen but we enjoyed it greatly at home with popcorn and all. As you probably know Space is a never ending fascination with David and he desperately wants to fly in the shuttle. For the next couple of weeks I will hear all of his unanswerable questions about the space station which usually involve impossible "what if's". "Mom, what if the moon got out of orbit and rammed the station..." Oh the impossible questions of motherhood!

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