Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Yes, we are going to feel the financial effects of Hurricane Katrina for years to come. Yes, there are probably vast improvements that can be made in emergency management (no amount of simulation can prepare for the contingencies involved in a real life disaster of this size).

Yes, the poor were disproportionately affected. Yes, yes, yes....

But let's take a step back, stop and think about the enormity of what just happened to a city on our nation's soil. Let's leave the bickering and blame for later and get to working together as a nation of individuals to help those that are in need, re-root the homeless, and work to heal our economy. Civilization requires a government to lead the people, but the people must do the work. And it is the spirit of the people that define the civilization, not the government.

And to those in New Orleans that this week put on your drag and marched in the decadence parade despite the city's condition, shame on you! By remaining in the city only to flaunt your lifestyle you are putting those in need in greater danger, distracting rescue efforts, and proving that you care more about your personal desires than those around you. Find something productive to do or get out of the way of those that are suffering and those trying to help.

If anyone reading this knows of ways we can help please post comments to this entry. Christina's parents are going to be taking a displaced family into their home this week, this family has lost everything and needs clothing for a 3 year old girl, they have clothes for the older boy (8 years old I believe), toys, activities, car?, job... and I would assume clothes and supplies for the parents as well. The family coming to stay with the Betz's are related to the their next door neighbors. If you have anything that can help these folks please call or email Christina and she'll get you connected up with the family.

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