Monday, June 19, 2006

Adventures in Sewing

This entry actually has very little to do with sewing. The story just starts out that way.
Sunday night my Friend Sarah and her boys came over for dinner as usual. After putting the kids to bed Sarah was working on a sewing project while I organized a cupboard. On the last stitch of the project Sarah somehow sewed her thumb. After releasing some screws and unfortunately having to cut a chunk of material out of the pillowcase she was making, Sarah was free of the machine. Some people might have freaked out, but Sarah is level headed, and she was a little in shock. She was very calm considering there was a needle all the way through her finger, still connected to the sewing matching foot and some material. We called in back up in the form of our dear friend Rebekah. The mother of 5, nothing phases her. It was decided that sitting in the ER all night was not the best idea so we set to work on our own makeshift operating area. Even though there was a slim chance of her passing out Sarah sat on the floor. I found Hydrogen peroxide, Rubbing alcohol and gauze. Rebekah went to the toolbox for an adjustable wrench and some pliers. After sterilizing the equipment and soaking Sarah's thumb in alcohol we were ready. I held her nail in place with the wrench and in a flash Rebekah used the pliers to remove the sewing needle. More soaking in alcohol and peroxide, some gauze and we were done. We ended up having tea and some great girl time. Monday morning Sarah went in for a tetanus shot. She will heal up just fine but it will take a while for her nail to grow out. God was watching us that night. The needle didn't go through the bone and we were together. It is true what scripture says "two are better than one. If one stumbles his brother can help him to rise." Life is never dull here at the Henderson house!

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