Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cutting Teeth

Wow, it's been awhile since I've been able to open up our blog and make a post. But, finally, I find myself with the laptop outside a cafe with some time to make a post.

Cutting Teeth - Miriam suddenly became very emotional yesterday, crying at every chance, not sleeping her normal schedule, and she seemed a little feverish. Chrissie finally reached in her mouth and discovered a nice sharp lump coming through - so we have a teether at only 4 months old. She fell asleep in mom's arms last night with a cold rag between her gums. And to make things all the better she has been practicing her most pitiful cry lately.

Road Trip - My friend Jeremy and I took our second annual road trip around Oregon over the holiday weekend. 900 Miles over 4 days brought us an incredible variety. Bend - Christmas Valley - Crater Lake - Florence. From snowfall to rain and finally to beautiful 80 degree sunny weather we had a great time. Next year we'll look at hitting the NE part of Oregon. It truly is an amazing state - every day we were amazed at how much the scenery changed as we drove through.

Spring Cleaning - OK, a little late, but both Christina and I have been making great strides in getting the house decluttered. Life has been so busy this last few years that things have piled up, especially in the garage where I delivered two van loads of stuff to the dump, most of this was old business records, files and reference books that were no longer needed. Now we are able to park the van back in the garage and my workbenches are actually usable again.

Testing - David went in for his evaluation exams last weekend. He wasn't nervous and he felt like he did a great job. Go David!

Birthdays - Abigail and David have fond memories of their birthdays the last few years where we have come up with themes and did the games and decorations around those themes. So now Abigail is in heated anticipation of her next birthday and is trying to sell us on the perfect birthday theme, we're still a few months out on that one so there's time to perfect. David though is coming up on 9 very shortly, just a few weeks away.

Back to Junior High - This weekend I head up to Indian Henry for a "Grub Camp Alumni" camping trip. During Junior High and High School the guys from our youth group would have a weekend getaway at Indian Henry. Now, 15 years later we're going to do it again. Should be fun.

Wedding - The weekend after next I head over to Tulsa, OK for my sisters wedding.

Weekends at home - July maybe?

- Adriel

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