Thursday, June 29, 2006

God's Provision

It is interesting how God provides things we don't know we need, even when we don't ask. I like looking for "God things" in everyday life. Those gifts and miracles that we sometimes chalk up to the kindness of a stranger, or of a friend and occasionally forget the spirit that prompted it. I had a "God thing" show up at my door yesterday. It started when I borrowed a "Hooked on Phonics - Kindergarten" set from the library. I already own a book on how to teach children to read but this looked fun so I thought we could check it out. It turns out that Abigail LOVES this program. The little books, the sticker chart, all of it. Eventually though we had to return it to the library and go back to using our other book, which is very good but has no bells and whistles. I was annoyed that it taught the vowel sounds in a different order than a set of beginning readers recommended called "Bob Books". I went to an online message board for homeschoolers at to ask if anyone had suggestions for little books that would work. I included our story of how Abbie liked HOP but we had to return it - so sad. A woman in New Jersey read my message and offered to send me the entire hop set. Not just kindergarten but levels 2-5 as well, and all free of charge. Needless to say we were thrilled. I didn't ask to many questions and I figured it must be the older version of HOP. In between this online conversation and Yesterday Adriel and I decided for sure to keep Abigail home next year instead of sending her to the local public school. Then this box shows up on my door step. It doesn't just contain the new version of HOP, levels 2-5 are still in shrink wrap. What a confirmation that we are right where God wants us with our kids education! Curriculum I didn't know I would need and could never have gotten on my own shows up on the door step. What a great God we have!

Abigail is now 3/4 finished with the Kindergarten HOP program and 2/3 of the way through her Kindergarten math book. She has only had the math book for two weeks now. I am very proud of her enthusiasm, although I sometimes have to refuse to work with her. I occasionally have to make a meal, fold laundry, or take care of the baby; much to Abigail's annoyance.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... That is amazing. I love all the little ways that God shows us that He cares for us. What a great post. :)