Friday, September 01, 2006

The adventure of the pink marker

I just tucked Miriam into bed for a nap and was chatting with her about her "adventures" this morning. I thought I would share how she got her face and hands a lovely shade of pink. It was simply that the big kids had been coloring history pages at the coffee table and a few stray markers fell to the floor. The three of us left Mim in the living room for a moment while I set up the documentary about Jamestown colony. I found her casually under the coffee table with a giant Lego in her mouth (acceptable teething toy in our house and greatly loved by the baby). I swept her mouth with my finger to make sure it was clear and then hunted for the marker. Needless to say the big kids came out to pick up the overlooked art supplies and even apologized to Miriam. All is well, but she does look pretty funny. Now we will get back to learning about all of the horrible ways the first settlers of Jamestown died. The first week of school a queen got her head chopped off and now Jamestown. David is really enjoying history this year!

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