Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do The Roomba (Dance)

As Christina said in the last post we purchased a remanufactured Roomba for a great price. We've bought it to help keep the hard wood floors swept, something we do multiple times a day. It works! I came home last night to a floor with no crumbs under the table and the living room carpets vacuumed clean. Throw the Roomba down in a room, hit the "clean" button and walk away.

Yesterday we all enjoyed the novelty of having a robot do one of our chores. Here's the kids chasing our Roomba, and just like in the wild, the Roomba selects the slowest/weakest member of the pack and comes back to bite - proof of it's intelligence. :)

Oh, Abigail has named it "Roomba Fun" and declared it a girl.

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