Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Abbie's Class

School has been out for about 5 weeks now and it appears the girls miss it.  Abigail's stuffed animals are getting quite an education....

Teacher Abigail
But it seems pupil Miriam needs a nap!

Last week we had box day, when all of our new school book arrived.  Abigail loaded up this rolling cart with the books and was reading some of them to her animals and little sister.  She finished the new Mind Benders book in two days so I guess we will be asking for more, for her birthday in a few weeks.  She is also enjoying her new multiplication audio CD and the Perables home Ec. book I got her.  I am so glad she enjoys learning and hey, they are keeping her busy!

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Jenny Plumb said...

Wow! Your girls are getting so big! You were pregnant with Miriam when I saw you last! I enjoyed reading much of your blog.