Sunday, June 15, 2008

This Old Boat - Update

The floor is now in place, the trim wood has been fitted, and the standing rigging is installed.

Here the girls help celebrate the first raising of the mast since October!

Compared to the peak of the roof on our house, a 21 foot mast seems pretty tall!

The trim wood has been drilled and bolted. I'll be removing it for final finishing work, but even unfinished it gives the boat some elegance.

Still to do is painting the bottom of the boat, finishing the wood bits, putting together the running rigging, installing the centerboard, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Not too much to go. With the beautiful weather this weekend I was tempted just to dump it in the lake as is!

Miriam figures the boat is a playground, and try as I might to keep her safely in the cockpit area, she quickly crawls on the deck as soon as I turn my back. Just as we were packing things up today she had a mighty fall backwards off the deck onto the driveway, she's OK other than a big bump on the back of her head. Hopefully she'll heed my words of caution from now on to stay in the cockpit!

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JSTA said...

Rockin' boat duuude!