Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Potty School Update and going up North

We have ventured out into the wide world and done pretty well with potty school.  There have been a few accidents but mostly that was because I was distracted and doing other things.  That would be why I put this off until the school year was over!  

Yesterday we went up to my sister's place in Vancouver.  They moved in a few weeks ago and I hadn't gotten up there yet.  She is doing a great job of making it cute and it has a nice open layout.  It is also only 3 min. from my Brother-in-law's work so that is a wonderful thing.  My younger niece took it upon herself to help Miriam with going potty.  This is Mim's favorite cousin and she loved having "Fia" help her.

I also had the privilege of hanging out with my friend Sarah and her brand new baby girl.  I went to the hospital and spent a few hours with them.  She is so sweet and tiny and it was great to hold her and I had a lovely visit with Sarah and her mom.

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