Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekly Report- Week Nine 2008-09

This week we were learning more about Rome .  Specifically we learned about Roman arches and their building projects.  The Romans built 6 bridges over the Tiber River and 5 of them are still in use today!  They also invented concrete.  Our project this week was to make a Roman arch out of pudding boxes.

Here is David cutting the sides of the boxes to make them a wedge shape.

Everyone helping to get the boxes ready for construction.
Our "stones" cut, taped, and ready for building.
The final product.
The victorious builders.

In other news.... Miriam is finally letting us know when she needs to go potty and accidents are few and far between.  The Henderson world rejoices!  ~ Christina 

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Hen Jen said...

great project, love all the photos!