Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spring is in the air

Today is one of those perfect Oregon days. The kind of day that reminds you why you put up with the rain and grey skys to live in this land of green. It's still cool enough for a sweater but the sun is out and there are giant cotton puff clouds drifting overhead. It's the kind of day that pulls you outside to live in it. The girls and I blew off school today in favor of playing on the swing set and having a picnic on the deck. I know it will rain again and get colder again before spring is truly here but days like this remind me that Spring is indeed coming and we have much to look forward to. Before long we will be taking our Latin books out to the deck and doing math in side walk chalk. This is a good time for changes and renewal. The changing of seasons reminds me to spice up our learning to keep things fun and I guess it helps to ease the transitions we will all be making as Adriel starts his new job. So happy Spring time to everyone!

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JSTA said...

Yay for a new post! And a second new post!!! :-) Keep 'em coming! Just playing, of course, but I miss you, Christina. We should've planned this excursion better so we could've had a day together. Oh, well. Hopefully next time.