Monday, February 25, 2008

This week - 2.19.08

This week was one of those times when you squeeze school in around real life.  Adriel's job transition and getting ready for my Dad's surprise 50th birthday party took most of my time.  We started learning about Africa in our unit study this week.  Kenya to be exact.  The kids colored their flags of Kenya and David is learning about grasslands in science.  Latin was a review chapter so we were working on English derivatives and in math we started a new book, all about fractions.

As for Abigail, she had the most fun getting her hair curled but she still managed to fit in a little math and grammar.  Enough to make it to the halfway point in her math book.  This kid really likes math!  She didn't understand why her new neighbor friend didn't enjoy Abigail making up math problems for her to do.

We have discovered a six-year-old girl living just two doors down and Abigail is thrilled to have a friend near by.  I am excited that the little girl has a fifteen-year-old sister!

So it was a busy week of meeting new friends, transitioning to a new job (and medical plan) and getting ready for my Dad's party but it was a lot of fun!


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