Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last week Adriel got our family a membership to the YMCA.  This has been very exciting for us.  new classes start in the first week of April so there is just enough time to find our way around and get use to being there before the classes start.  2 hours of daily childcare is included with membership, which means I can work out without worrying about the kids!  Abbie and Miriam are going to be doing gymnastics and David might be doing swimming.  We are still talking about the details but it should be fun for all.  Next tuesday I have my first meeting with a "fitness coach".  They don't work out with you like a personal trainer but they help you make a plan and get it going.  I get to meet with her 6 times.  I am a little nervous but it will be a good thing and I am glad I am doing it.


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