Saturday, February 16, 2008

What was lost is now found

I was convinced that Miriam had lost me keys. They were last seen with her and lately she has very much enjoyed "helping" by throwing things away for me. I regularly find her morning cereal bowl helpfully cleared into the trash can. After 2 weeks of lost keys and looking under EVERYTHING I gave up. The logic said that my sweet baby had thrown away my keys out of the kindness of her heart and they were gone. So I have been keyless for over a month now and last night Adriel found them tucked in between the bed and hop chest. I checked under there three or four times so I don't know how they escaped me . I could not believe it but I am thrilled!


JSTA said...

Hooray! That makes me laugh, but so glad you have them back. Hope you had a lovely time shopping yesterday! We'll have to go together someday. :-)

John & Stephanie Parks said...

Oh my gosh - I have never had the key experience....BUT I find Broc's plates and bowls in the trash ALL the time. I keep telling him that they go in the sink, he is getting it....slowly...but he is. It has probably been two weeks since I have found anything in the trash that shouldn't be there. Hope you are well ~ Steph